• Extension Of Registration Date For The High Impact Skill Developement Program
April 19, 2024
  • Registration for Phase II of the High Impact Skills Development Program for the youth of Gilgit Baltistan
April 19, 2024
  • Nano Influencer Academy: Empowering Women in Digital Content Creation for a Sustainable Future
November 11, 2023
  • Milestone Achieved: IT Department's Collaboration with NUST Elevates Blockchain Education in Gilgit-Baltistan
November 11, 2023

Information Technology Department Gilgit Baltistan



Exciting times ahead! As Secretary of the IT Department, I envision a future where technology propels us forward. Let's collaborate, innovate, and shape a digital landscape that drives prosperity for all. Cheers to our shared journey,

Riaz Ahmad
(Secratary IT , Gilgit-Baltistan)

Thrilled to serve as your Minister for IT. As women, we bring a unique perspective to shaping a tech-driven future. Let's champion innovation, bridge gaps, and empower every citizen. Together, we'll lead the way to a more inclusive and prosperous tomorrow.

Suriya Zaman
(IT Minister, Gilgit-Baltistan)

In my role as Chief Secretary, I commend your dedication to public service. Our collective efforts drive progress. Let's foster collaboration, streamline processes, and ensure that our initiatives positively impact the lives of our citizens. Together, we navigate towards a future of efficiency and prosperity.

Abrar Ahmad Mirza
(Chief Secretary, Gilgit-Baltistan)

As your Chief Minister, I am committed to a future where technology transforms lives. The IT Department plays a pivotal role in this vision. Let's work collaboratively, leverage innovation, and ensure that the benefits of the digital age reach every corner of our community.

Haji Gulbar Khan
(Chief Minister, Gilgit-Baltistan)


Information Technology Department Gilgit-Baltistan

Initiating E-Governance Projects
Initiating E-Governance Projects

Government of Gilgit Baltistan and UNDP, in partnership with SoLF, are excited to announce the Gilgit Baltistan Innovation Challenge 2023. If you are Read More...

Establishment of Co-Working Spaces
Establishment of Co-Working Spaces

You might not be aware of this fact, but every frame, digital video, canvas, responsive design, and image often has a rectangular shape that is except Read More...

Skill Development of Youth
Skill Development of Youth

You might not be aware of this fact, but every frame, digital video, canvas, responsive design, and image often has a rectangular shape that is except Read More...


Waqar Ul Hassan

Deputy Director

Muhammad Hussain

Deputy Secretary

Muhammad Naeem

Full Stack Developer

Junaid Qazalbash

Network Engineer

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Yes, specific requirements are outlined in the application process. Ensure your company meets these criteria before applying.
Government-provided spaces offer and high speed internet connection. Find details during the application process.
Companies interested in government-provided spaces can apply through the designated platform. Follow the application process provided.
Prerequisites vary by course. Review the course details on the website or in our social pages for specific requirements.
Our digital courses cover a wide range of subjects, Graphic design, Web Development, Cyber Security, UIUX Designing and many more for more information please visit IT department
Enrolling in digital courses is easy. Visit the "Digital Courses" section, choose your desired course, and follow the enrollment instructions provided.
The interest rate for soft loans is 5%. You can find detailed information about the terms and conditions on the "Soft Loans" from IT department.
Eligibility criteria mentioned in Advertisement. To find detailed information please visit IT department ..
To apply for a soft loan, visit the IT Department . Follow the application guidelines, submit the necessary documents, and await the processing of your application.